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Artistical connection between Switzerland and Lebanon, Menura is a bi-national quartet mixing oriental instruments, experimental sounds, pop or jazz. Swiss musician Chadi Messmer created the band  during summer 2017 and was joined by Youmna Saba (Lebanon), Bilal Bitar (Lebanon) and Félix Fivaz (Switzerland).

Menura has worked on his first compositions during a residency in summer 2018 in the Chouf moutains in Lebanon. He had the opportunity to present them to Lebanese audience afterwards during tour in the whole country. Imagined as an exchange, the band acts as a bridge between the two cultures and erase the boundaries.

The menura, knowed as well as a Lyrebird, own its name in reference to its majestic tail but is foremost famous for its intriging singing.

Able to imitate any sound from human technology, it mixes with verve its own bird singing with construction noises, chainsaws, alarms, barkings or cries of babies, all in the greatest lyricism. Sutbile confrontation bewteen the known and the unknown, the rough and the smooth, the acoustic and the electronic, these are the caracteristics of Menura's music. A strange bird !

Youmna Saba - Oud, Guitar, Voice

Chadi Messmer - Bass

Bilal Bitar - Qanoun

Félix Fivaz - Drums


Youmna Saba's website

Photo © 2018 Félix Fivaz

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