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Koqa Beatbox

Koqa Beatbox was my first "professional project". After Arthur Henry started the band alone, I joined him in 2011 and Paul Butscher completed the team a year later. Together, we've experienced our first big stages, tours and festivals, and it was an incredible opportunity to walk into new musical paths with friends and brothers !


It is probably thank to this band that I have become what I am now, as a musician and a person, so it is very important to me to present the project, even if we are now taking a break after 8 years of intense touring, composing and creating shows ! In spite of all the imperfections that I can now find in what we did - with a bit of distance - I remain really proud of this project and thankful that I have had the opportunity to express myself so deeply in our music !

Arthur Henry - Beatbox, Voice, Rap

Paul Butscher - Flugelhorn, Effects

Félix Fivaz - Drums


Hummus Records
Arthur Henry solo's project
Koqa Beatbox' Pressbook 2017

Photo © Gregory Terlikowski
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